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CE, Yuntech Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, YunTech
YunTech 營建工程系


文一智 / I-Jyh Wen

文一智 / I-Jyh Wen
Associate Professor
Construction Management
Dr. of Eng. Kyu-Shu University, Japan
Technician, Bureau of Construction, Yun-Lin county government, Taiwan
Director, Bureau of public works, Chia-Yi county government, Taiwan
Construction Planning & Design
Architectural Planning
Urban Construction
Architectural Environment & Facilities
Real-estate Development & Management
Architectural Environment and Equipments
Landscape Design of Construction Engineering
Advanced Architectural Environment and service equipment
Technology and Management of Energy & Electricity Saving
Urban Design and Construction
Advanced Topics in Intelligent Building
Ecological Ethics and Green Ideology
Green Building & Ecological Engineering Methods
Architecture Planning
Residence Development and Community Build
Intelligent & Smart house
Introduction to Industries
Architecture and Interior Design Studio(I)(Ⅱ)
2016 Particularly excellent paper award
2011.2014.2015 Outstanding Paper Award
Taiwan Institute of Property Management

2009.2010.2014 Excellent Paper Award
Architectural Institute of Taiwan

Best Paper Award SSME2010

Asia/Pacific Who is Who 2006~2008
1.Sustainability Committee, Chinese Institute of Civil Engineering.
2.Editorial Board of Space Magazine.
3.Intelligence committee of Ministry of Economic Affairs.
4.Consultant of "International tourism charm stronghold demonstration project" Tourism Bureau, MOTC
5.Review Committee of "Hu-shan Reservoir Project Environmental Monitoring Project" Water Resources Agency.
6.Review Committee of "Urban disaster prevention space system,"Ministry of Interior.
7.Review Committee of "construction project planning and building design," Construction and Planning Agency.
8.Review Committee of "Rural Community Improvement Projects"Ministry of Interior.
9.Proposition scoring Members,Public officer exam in 2012.2013.2014.
10. Selection Committee of Excellent Thesis Award,Architectural Institute of Taiwan.
11.PhD examiner of National Cheng Kung University, Institute of Architecture
12.PhD examiner of FUNG CHIA University, Institute of Architecture
13. Industry Strategy Consultant of Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
104 M10216203 彭哲志
The Efficiency Evaluation on Facades renovation of Old Building
103 M10116303 黃宥彬
The Efficiency Evaluation of Intelligent Equipment on Aged Residential Building
103 M10116307 馬雪惠
A study on Indoor Thermal Environment and Total Volatile Organic Compounds - A Case Study of Yun-tech University
102 M10016317 詹曙嘉
A study on applying GIS to Select Construction Wastes Landfill Site
102 M10016313 曾志豪
The Impacts of Large project construction on Surrounding Living Environment-A case study of Hu-Shan Reservoir Construction
101 99016313 黃美慈
A Study on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Influence of Green Management in International Tourist Hotel
100 9852711 郭威傑
A study on critical factors of University Dormitory BOT projects
100 9852712 韓佳修
A study on affected factors of old industrial park improvement project in Taiwan099 099 9533715 陳建榮
A study on land consolidation of rural village renew in Taiwan
099 9752706 蔡秉峰
A Study on the Intelligent Security Equipment used in Property Management Evaluation Indicators
099 9752709 沈祈廷
Research on Sustainable campus maintenance and improvement of management system - Case Study on Elementary School in Yun-Lin Taiwan
098 9652709 馬欣宜
The Research of Examination System and Popularization of Green Material in Taiwan
098 9652710 張世杰
A study on Solar energy application in building
096 9416717 彭彥舒
A study on the requirement of living facilities at industrial park in Taiwan
095 呂政諺
Urban Disaster-Prevention Space System Planning In Local Place
-Take the Min-Shung as an Example

094 9016212 邱英峰
A study on Green Building Evaluation of Campus Building - in Chia-Yi county school building as an example, DC
094 9016221 劉瑞豐
A Study on National Scenic building facilities specification - A Case Study in Alishan National Scenic Area
094 簡伊景
A Study on cognitive intensity of Arbitration System factors of Construction Engineering

093 9016203 朱瀅樹
A Study on Planting Fixed Amount of CO2 for the Green index of Green buildings in Campus – An Example of Ta Chia Senior High School
093 9016222 黃春和
Analysis on the Effectiveness of Turnkey Project Bidding over Public Projects
093 9016224 羅木興
The Research on the Park Equipment and the Utility Evaluation of New-Developed Communities
093 9116719 劉錦隆
The Research of the possibility on the application of ecological technology in the public space of the rural community
093 9116720 廖依婷
Research on Ecological Construction road maintenance management Countermeasure
092 9016705 呂毅殷
A Study on Evaluation of Ecological Conservation to Post-Dredge the Pu-Tzi Stream
092 9016706 陳鴻榮
Site Selection Evaluation for Construction Material Suppliers-an Example of Pre-mix Concrete Plant
092 8916719 郭代原
A Study of Disaster- Prevention and Rescue Space Planning in Local-city —Taking Dou-Liu city as an example
092 8916720 鍾森宇
A Study on Rural Village Construct Of Public Installations By Society Communication-Taking Hua-Shan as an example
091 8816701 嚴佳琪
A Study of Railway-station Renewal Stratagem in Local-city-Taking Dou-Liu station as an example
091 8816717 陳資雲
A Study on the Renew of Urban and Rural Seeing form The Landscape Characteristic in Taiwan ----Referring to the example in Chia-Yi Area
091 8916705 張鳳翔
A Study on Heat-island Effects about Ecological Establishments in Campus
090 8716712 黃憲弘
Effects of waste glass for aggregate Substitution on the engineering properties of concrete
089 8716705 石志強
Study setting function of the local urban disaster prevention system – Take Tou-Liu as the Example
086 8433205 周志哲
To Investigate Changes of Rural House Design - Take Yunlin Area as the Example
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