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CE, Yuntech Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, YunTech
YunTech 營建工程系


蔡宗潔 / Tsung-Chieh Tsai

蔡宗潔 / Tsung-Chieh Tsai
Associate Professor
Construction Management
Dr. Eng., Kyoto University, Japan
American Transit Consultant (Building Detail Coordinator)
Chang-Ku-Turner (Chief of Engineering)
Datan Consultant, Inc. (Project Manager)
Committee of PM of AIJ
Lecturer of Kyoto Computer College
Member of CMAJ
Risk Analysis and Management
Building Production System
Sustainable Construction System of Building
Civil Engineering Construction Technology
History of Building Technology
Building Construction-Materials and Methods
Advanced Topics in Building Production
Contract and Specification
Decision Analysis and Risk Management
Risk Management and Insurance
2003 Research Prize of AIJ
106 Ching-Ho Lee, The Study on Assessment of Decision Criteria for Risk Management of Fab Construction
106 YEH,SHU-YU, Comparison for Construction Estimation Methods of Taiwan、China、Japan and Korea
106 WU,TSIU-TSIU, The Study of Architects Professional Liability Insurance
105 HU, LING-JEN, Discussion on the Reuse of Idle Space of Elementary School as a Sunshine Center
105 LI,YI-TANG, The Study of Property Rights Exchange for Urban Renewal Business
105 Ran-Fu Yang, A Study of the Construction on Build-after-Occupancy-permit
105 Jhong,Yun-Yi, The Study of Quality Management on Public Construction in Indigenous Area of Taiwan
105 Tsai,Siang-Rong, Investigating the Relationship factor of Sick house Syndrome -A Case Study of the Hospital
105 Shu-Ya Chang, The Study of Risk Insurance in Construction Contract
104 You-Jyun Hong, Risk Management of Tower Crane in High-Rise Building
104 De-Lian Wu, The Study of Risk Strategies on Life-Cycle of Building Project
103 Yu-Ting Wen, The Study of Risk Factors for Urban Renewal Business
103 Ting-Hua Chen, The Reuse and development of idle industrial park
-A case study of Changhua Coastal Industrial Park
102 Du-Chang Xie, The study of construction technology of Cold-formed steel frame house
102 Shu-Sian Wu, Influential Factors of Governmental Organization to Reconstruction Performance - A case study of Typhoon
101 Ruo-Ying He, A study of Suitability for public space of housing
100 Chang,Fang-Yi, Lifecycle Energy Consumption of Light-gauge Steel-framed Buildings and Reinforced Concrete Buildings
100 Yi-Yen Li, The Case Study on Urban Renewal of Applying Real Estate Securitization
099 Yu,Yu-Yi, The insulation performance and energy consumption efficiency of Light-gauge Steel-framed Houses in Taiwan
098 HUI-LAN LIN, The research of Securitization of real estate on construction market
098 Mei Ting Huang, A study of returning to Engineering of construction-suspended buildings
in Taichung city
098 Cheng, Ching-Hsueh, The Suitability of the Community Public Space Research - to explore the influence of condo fee on residents
097 Chun-Neng Wang , A Study on Industrial Heritage of the Re-use Patterns- with Yunlin, Beigang Sugar Factory Transformation Development as a Case Study
097 Chih-Ying Chen, The relationship between risk factor and scheduling uncertainty of building project
097 Ching-Yi Tsai, A Discussion on Diagnosis and Repair of Water Supply and Drainage Pipes in Existing Buildings from the Aspect of Property Management
096 Chun Lung Ho, The study of adaptive reuse of construction-suspended buildings
in TaiChung city
096 Hui-Ju Chuang, The discussion for fire prevention and evacuation in high-rise buildings from the urban calamity prevention viewpoint
095 Yu Yi-Hua, The Studying of Design and Construction Activity Interfaces at the Planning and Design Phase in Building Projects
094 Li-wen Juo, The study of risk efficiency in construction phase of building project
093 Ming-Lan Yang, Evaluation Method of Risk Strategies: THE Case of Project Delivery Systems
093 Yeh Mei-Hung, A Study on the combination of the interface between design and construction
093 Hsu, Chia Hao, A Study on Project Execution Performance Evaluation of Construction Engineering -Testing Feasibility of PDRI Model
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