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蔡佐良 / Cho-Liang Tsai

蔡佐良 / Cho-Liang Tsai
Structural Engineering
Ph.D., Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Northwestern University, U.S.A.
Master, Civil Engineering, Northwestern University, U.S.A.
Bachelor, Civil Engineering, National Cheng-Kung University

Assistant Professor Level Research Associate, Northwestern University, U.S.A.  
Associate Professor, Chaoyang Institute of Technology  
Leader, Construction and Maintenance Section, Office of General Affairs, Nation Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Director, Service Center of Construction Technology and Materials, Nation Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Chairman, Construction Engineering, Nation Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Dean, Office of Student Affairs, Nation Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Experimental Mechanics
Construction Materials
Composite Materials
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Mechanics of Materials
Engineering Materials
Mechanics of Materials(Ⅱ)
Internship Industry(Ⅰ)
Chief Secretary, Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Republic of China
Director, Society of Maintenance and Management of Architectures
Chun-Wen Wang,An Analyse on Concrete which Under High Temperature with Strength Change,88.6.
Guo-Xiong Lai,The Effect Of Axial Load To The Residual Strength Of Concrete,88.6.
Hsueh Yin Hsu,The Corrosion Effect Upon Bond Strength of Rebar In Concrete,89.6.
Chen Ling Jie,Long Term Monitoring of Strain in Prestressed Tendon by Using Strain Gage,89.6.
Chian-Mao Wang,The Characterization of Rheological Properties of Fresh Concrete,91.6.
Rung-jang Su,Strength Deterioration of Alkali-Activated Slag Mortar at High Temperature,91.6.
Chang-Ming Chen,An Analysis on Concrete which Under Fluctuant High Temperature with Strength Change,92.1
Wen-Yi Yang,Experimental Study of The Rheological Behaviors of Clay Grout,92.6.
Wen-Shao Qiu,A Feasibility Study for Substituting Part of Cement Raw Materials by Incinerated Ashes in Making Eco-cement,92.6.
Jio-Hao Chen,Mix Proportioning of Alkali-Activated Slag Cement,93.6.
Huei-Chih Hsu,Research of Steel Slag (BOF) Cement Manufacturing,94.1.
Chien-wen Ko,Experimental and Theoretical Study of The Relationship Between Shear Stress and Shear Rate of Clay Grout,94.1.
Jen-ting Juan,Manufacturing of Pure Slag Cement,94.6.
Yu-Hong Lin,A Study of Manufacturing Eco-Cement,94.6.
Yu-Che Huang,Experimental analysis of salt diffusion in cement mortar,95.12.
Yung-Chang Chang,Maturity Development of Mortar under Environment of Varying Temperature,95.6.
Mei-Yi Yeh,Modification of Fick's Diffusion Model for Chloride Diffusing in Concrete,95.6.
Cin-wei Shih,Analysis of Chloride Penetrating Concrete,96.6.
Mao-Lung Chang,Characterization Process for Accelerated Efflorescence Growth of Cement Mortar,96.6.
Sung-Yu Lai,Characterization Process for Shrinkage of Cement Grout and Mortar,96.6.
Ci-Lun Wu,Experimental Analysis of Chloride Diffusing through Concrete Based on Advancing Model,97.6.
Yu-Ying Ye,Characterization of Oil Based Diffusion Material in Mortar and Brick,98.6.
Shih-hong Jhan,Characterization of Effects of Environmental Conditions for Chloride Diffusion Through Concrete,98.6.
Guan-yu Lin,Characterization of Binding Force and Initial Efflorescence for Binding Material and Filler,98.6.
Chi-Pin Lin,Experiment and Analysis of Chloride Diffusion in Sliced Concrete Specimen,98.6.
Yan-Chi Tsai,Improved Method for Characterization of Moisture Absorption of Mortar,98.6.
Ching-Wen Chuang,Effects of Pre-delamination and Fiber Adding to Waterproof Material on Crack,101.6.
Yi-Chang Lin,Effect of Fly Ash to Thermal Diffusion of Mortar,99.6.
Chia-lun Wu,Leaching and Compression Tests of Mortar Specimen,99.6.
Wei-chen Lin,Measurement of Setting Shrinkage of Mortar,99.6
Jhih-Jie Lin,Improving Delamination of Polished Quartzite Tile,100.6.
Yi-chung Chen,Effect of Air Flow Graded Ash on Mortar,100.6.
Yong-Cheng Huang,Study of Effluence-Resistant Mortar with Slag,101.6.
Jian-Hau Wang,Effects of Adding Calcium Oxide to Mortar,101.6.
Yi-Chang Chen,Study of Product Made of Plain Concrete with Slag,101.6.
Kai-Siang Jhang,Effects of Whiskers to Mortar,102.6.
He-Guang Zeng,Study of Pull-Up Strength of Tile,102.6.
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