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CE, Yuntech Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, YunTech
YunTech 營建工程系


蘇南 / Nan Su

蘇南 / Nan Su
Emeritus Professor (Retired)
Structural Engineering
Engineeing Ph.D., National Chiao-Tung University
Law Ph.D.,China University of Political Science and law
Design M.S. ,Ming-Chuan Universit
Vice Magistrate , Yunlin County Government
Dean of General Affairs , NYUST
Vice President , Chung-Yu Institute of Technology
Construction Method
Concrete Material
Construction Law and Regulations
Construction Law
Arbitration Law
Government Procument Act
Constructions both Cross-strait
Constructions Material
Quality Management
Structural Engineering
Construction Management
Highway Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Water Resource Engineering
Disaster Prevention
Structure Enforcement
Building Construction
Green Building
Building Materials and Equipment
Building Estimation
Building Practices
Intelligent Building
Seismic Design
Interior Design
Building Maintenance
Fire Resistance Design of Construction
Constitution and Law
Design Ethics and Laws
Repair and Retrofitting of Concrete Structure
Quality Control of Concrete and Test
Special Topics of Disaster Prevention on Civil Engineering
Procurement Selection Committee, Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan
Arbitrator, Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei
Arbitrator, Chinese Real Estate Arbitration Association
2017, Jia-Siang, Study of Expert Identofication System of Construction Dispute and Copyright Infringement
2015, Ru-Yan Hong, A Study of Filler Material in Fire Door on Selection Factors with Application.
2015,Ting-Huei Hsieh, Effect of electrolyzed water on engineering properties of cement mortar.
2014, Rong-Chen Jhang,Effect of Engineering Properties on Cement Mortar with Pozzolanic and Rice Husk.
2014,Kun-Chih Hsia,The Study of the Impact Factor of Disaster Prevention System in Taiwan.
2013, Li –Chieh,Effect of Engineering Properties on High Performance Concrete with Nano-precipitated Calcium Carbonate.
2013,Ming-Tsung Hung,Effect of Engineering Properties on High Performance Concrete with Rice Husk.
2012,Ciou Yu-Jie,Effect of Engineering Properties on High Performance Concrete with Nano-precipitated Calcium Carbonate and Slag.
2011,Bi-Hao Cheng,Effect of Engineering Properties on Self-Compacting Concrete with Controlled Permeability Formwork (CPF).
2011,Kung-tzung Lu,A Study on the Legal System of Condominium Management.
2010,Hsing-Yuan Fang,A study of Legal Property and Institution of the Bid Bond of Government Procurement Law.
2010,Yung-shing Lin,Study on Government Procurement Law of Fraud bid-rigging crime.
2010,Yi-ying Hsieh,Compare of technology law and interdisciplinary legal studies by the study on index futures trading system.
2010,Yi-ling Zhou,The Effect of Strength Developing Effect of Carbon Fiber Used in Reinforcing Concrete.
2010,Chia-Hao Liu,Effect of Engineering Properties on Cement Mortar with Nano-precipitated Calcium Carbonate and Pozzolanic Materials.
2010,Yu-Jin Jhang,Effect of Engineering Properties on Controlled Low Strength Materials with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement.
2009,Shan- Hung Chien,Effect of Superplasticizer and Magnetic water of Engineering Properties of Self-compacting Concrete with Waste Catalys.t
2009,Tze-Yi Chen,Effect of MagneticWater on Engineering Properties ofControlled Low Strength Material with Fly ash.
2008,Pei-Wen Chen,Take the example of YUNTECH.Research the repairing management mechanism of the school building from the perspective of property management.
2008,Yan-Shu Peng,A study on the requirement of livehood facilities at industrial park in Taiwan.
2007, Shu-Wei Liao,Effect of Magnetic water on Engineering Properties of Cement Mortar with Pozzolanic Materials.
2007,An-tai Ma,Effect of Magnetic water on Engineering Properties of Self-compacting Concrete with waste catalyst.
2004,En-Szu Lu,A Study of Engineering Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete on the Substitution of Waste Catalyst and Pozzolan for Cement.
2006,I-ching Chien,A Study on cognitive intensity of Arbitration System factors of Construction Engineering.
2004,Jer-yih Ferng,Case Study on the Performance Evaluation of Environment Management in Construction site.
2004,Shu Tsung,Effects of slag powder of fly ash from incineration furnaces on engineering properity of concrete.
2003,Po-Chen Hou,Reuse of Waste Glass Powder for substitution of Fine Aggregate in the recycling Asphalt Concrete.
2003,Tung-Chuan Chu,Effect of Waste Oyster Shell Powder substitute to Cement and Fine Aggregate on Properties of Cement Paste and Mortar.
2003,Rui-chou Chang,Effect of Fly Ash form incineration furnaces on the mortar materials.
2001,Chin-Shih Chen,Reuse of Waste Glass Powder for substitution of Fine Aggregate in Asphalt Concrete.
2002,Wang, Hung-Tsung,Effect of Wast Glass and Steel Slag on the Engineering Properties of HPC.
2002,Chia-Chuan Chen,Effect of Waste Catalyst, Fly Ash, and Slag on the Properties of High Performance Concrete.
2001,Huang, Nan-Hsin,Effect of Concrete Durability about adding Waste Catalyst in High Performance Concrete.
2001,Hshienn-Hong Hwang,Effects of waste glass for aggregate Substitution on the engineering properties of concrete.
2000,Ting-Wei Chang,The effect on concrete properties for magnetization of superplastizer and water.
1999,Zong-Hui Chen,A resource study of spent catalyst on refinery industry
1997,Su Chwan-Kae,The Research of Physical and Chemical effects on Solidification of Fly Ash and Sludge of Heavy Metals in Concrete.
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