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潘乃欣 / Nai-Hsin Pan

潘乃欣 / Nai-Hsin Pan
Construction Management
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, U.S.A.
Associate Professor, Chaoyang University of Technology
Project Engineer, Ciminelli Development Company
Construction Economic and Finance
BIM in Construction Project Management
Civil Construction Facilities Maintenance Management
Construction Automation
Construction Management
Property management
Project Management
Construction Financial Management
Investment And Decision Analysis of Property
Construction Quality Management
Machine learning in Construction Project ManagementInternship Industry(Ⅱ)
1. 2021 Construction Engineering and Management Symposium Call for Best Paper
2.2019 Engineering Sustainability and Civil Disaster Prevention call for Outstanding Paper prize
3. 2019 Construction Engineering and Management Symposium Call for Excellent Papers prize
4. Tokyo, 104 years Paper Honorable Mention
5. In Tokyo, 103 Premium Paper Award
6. In Tokyo, 103 paper Honorable Mention
7.2014 Construction Engineering and Management Excellence Award Symposium Call for Papers
8.2014 Construction Engineering and Management Symposium Call for Papers prizes
9.2011 Construction Engineering and Management Excellence Award Symposium Call for Papers
Taichung Intelligent and Green City Association
Editorial board (Journal of Property Management)
IEET Advisory Committee Member
ICCPM Technical Program Committee
Water Resources Department Project Steering Committee
BSMI Technical Program Committee
CNS 21503/21508/21511 Technical Program Committee
Project management professional
Evaluation committee of Ministry of Education
Value Management Institute of the Republic of Supervisors
Green Building Review Committee
Ministry of Examination Code Examination Yuan and test the proposition members
Property Management Department of Education Teacher seed
Taiwan Property Management Society
Chartered Institute of Housing Asian Pacific Branch Senior Member
ROC Arbitration Association arbitrator
Public Construction Commission Log Selection Committee
Public Construction Commission member Public Works Quality Check
Taichung City Campus Building Safety Inspection Team Members
Foundation Financial Financial Planning Institute hospital staff
China Construction Division Engineering Consultants Management Consultants
Score and seven years of research universities and the business community access to teachers
Public Construction Commission of Public Works Quality Management Engineer training course lecturer
Site Director Function 220 hours training instructor
Construction Technology and Management as the 2006-2014 academic seminar and conference host committee
Fifteenth Fuzzy Theory and Application Seminar Moderator
As domestic and foreign academic review committee Papers
110 Ching-Hsiang Tsai Discussion on Aging in Place from the Perspective of Property Management Analysis of Service Needs
110 Ren-Yi Kung Establishing the Deterioration Classification Model and the Spalling Area Caculation Model for Building Exterior Tiles Based on Drones and Deep Learning
109 Wei-Pao Tsai A study of the countermeasures of contract disputes applying PMBOK and BIM-a case study of circular village
104 Chen Kui-yen fuzzy inference mechanism to build soil and water conservation facilities history of maintenance management platform
102 Lin Yongyu property case study farm management performance timing more comprehensive evaluation and tracking of model building
Liu Song dec 101 residents from the health point of view factor of community management life cycle analysis
110 Ting-Ting Lei Public Works Performance Disputes - Focusing on Change of Design and Extension of Construction Period
110 Nurani Nanda The Applicability of Augmented Reality (AR) and BIM Integration on Under Construction Project
110 Tsai Bo Han Research on Intelligent Identification Methods for Abnormal Patterns of Soil and Water Conservation Facilities and Environment
110 Li Hong Rong Feasibility Analysis of Hybird Project Management in the Life Cycle of Construction Projects
110 Meng-Tin Wang Planning and Prospect of Geothermal Power Plant in Taiwan: A Case Study of Taitung Geothermal Power Plant
109 Didit Gunawan Prasetyo Jati UAV based Photogrammetry Data Management Potential as a Building Inspection Tool
109 Song-HUA LEE Enhance water and soil conservation facilities management efficiency with BIM and AR
108 Pei-Ru LIN Exploring the Impact of Stakeholders on the Project- Taking Turbid Water Creek Treatment Project as an Example
108 Chang Ron-Ron Discussion on the Evaluation Method of UAV's Current Situation of the Exterior Wall of Middle and High-rise Buildings
108 Huang Pei-Hua Augmented Reality Application for Maintenance of Building Facilities
108 Lin Song-You 3D model size measurement implementation -
a case study on water conservation facilities
107 Guo Li-JieComparison of waterproofing of existing buildings
103 Liu Peici check for village health service needs survey
In a small Conservation Center - A Case Study of the public space situation 103 farming Core analysis using pathfinder elderly person
103 Ji Lin Yan research facilities and equipment, building standardized coding used in the maintenance history information
Research Foundation of facility repair system of the building information model 102 Li Guande
Study 102 M10116306 Daishi Huan building facilities like state and abnormal response Measures
1029616211 pool should reach the mainland factories Risk Management - A Case Study panel industry
102 N10016009 Lin Zhewei bottom slag aggregate feasibility of applying renewable Nanliao seawall structure of Discussion
1019816208 Xu Li Wei month in maintenance staff on-site work status, discuss the work environment - A Case Study in the Central Region
Effect partnership Huang Yu Shan Real Estate Development Partner Success Factors and Job Performance of 101 M10016307
Soil and water conservation projects and facilities maintenance of 101 M10016312 Yang Kaijie QRcode applied
1019952712 Lvrui Teng use QFD to explore the old residential design Factor
Water Conservation Facilities Maintenance of 1009852708 Wu Yun Ru to apply the concept of Fuzzy Decision
1009816210 Chen Shuyu investigate the status of civil accredited laboratory operations and quality inspection of public works
1,009,816,220 common Hezuo Jun Lack of Public Works and Countermeasures elaboration - to correct the Case Control Yuan
Study on the Soil Conservation Engineering 1009952708 Chen Junming facilities durability assessment Mode
1009952712 Lvrui Teng use QFD to explore the old residential design Factor
1009952714 Lee pearl quality property management services, corporate image and correlation analysis of Customer Satisfaction - A Case Study of a Property Management Company
1009852709 Lin Junfan application repository in Soil and Water Conservation Facilities of maintenance management systems
0999752704 Research Huang Renjie coding standardization of construction equipment management
0999752714 Lin Yi Wen property management study in the early planning and design of buildings
0999616202 Hewen Jia property management companies are not satisfied with the quality of service factor - A residential building in Taichung Case
0999316222 factor - leaves of Ishino Performance of Concrete Construction
0989652704 Cai Mengjun online research tool of computer simulation construction
0989652707 Research Liu Jiahao property management company and the external case of field performance evaluation system
0989616712 Wang Xinmei preliminary research building development and maintenance process of the subject
0989116225 Liaozheng Min dynamic simulation studies to improve the productivity of the structure under construction bridge engineering
0989416211 Zhangxiu Cheng AHP applied to existing preferred arrangement of bridge repair
Research Design of 0989416212 Lin Yi Yin State Road construction works of phase change
Model of 0979516710 Huang Liwei analysis combined data mining technology in the construction industry and a key factor in the financial crisis early warning Construction
0979416213 establish Chen Yuan Yu asphalt concrete pavement construction material Performance Evaluation Mode
0979116224 Chen force established around the reservoir map data management system - A Case Study in Sun Moon Lake Reservoir
Risk topics of turnkey 0979216207 Hou Qing Feng Architects participation
0969316202 Zhuang Zhiliang application of risk premium and a risk aversion function in real estate development and financial feasibility analysis
0969416725 Liujing Yong combining AI technology research multi-objective optimizing the dynamic simulation system applied - to support advanced construction method of construction process, for example
0969416707 Pengjie Yuan combined with dynamic simulation and supply chain operations reference model (SCOR) in supporting advanced engineering methods Performance Analysis and Discussion
0959316710 陈芸珮 supply chain operations reference model (SCOR) Application of construction projects in the supply chain
0959316727 Qi-research into the dynamic simulation of building construction - A high-speed rail bridge structure as an object labeled C260
Research on the costs of production and marketing ready-mixed concrete plant 0949116215 Chen Fengjun supply chain theory is applied
0949216723 Chen Xiuhua supply chain operations reference model (SCOR) as the basis for construction of building supply chain model - A high-speed railway superstructure C260 Case
0949216706 Chen Kui made to construct dynamic simulation research resources across the whole combination 預鑄 Method of supply chain model - C260 standard in high-speed rail bridge structure as an example
0939116202 Wang Jialin military turnkey implementation of the Performance Evaluation Model of elaboration
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