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CE, Yuntech Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, YunTech
YunTech 營建工程系


賴國龍 / Gwolong Lai

賴國龍 / Gwolong Lai
Associate Professor / Chairman of Service Center of Construction Technology and Materials
Structural Engineering
Ph.D., Department of Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
M.S., Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University
B.S., Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University
Director, Service Center of Construction Technology and Materials, YunTech
Chairman, Department of Construction Engineering, YunTech (2002-2005)
Structural Engineer, Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau, Taipei, Taiwan
Technical Specialist, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Taoyaun, Taiwan
Structural Health Monitoring
Seismic Retrofit of Structures
Finite Element Analysis
Applied Numerical Methods
Calculus (I), (II)
Applications of Structural Analysis Software
Numerical Analysis
Finite Element Method
Repair and Retrofitting of Concrete Structures
Outstanding Teaching Award 2015/2016, YunTech
Teaching Excellence Award 2014/2015, YunTech
Teaching Excellence Award 2013/2014, Dept. of Construction Engineering, YunTech
Teaching Excellence Award 2012/2013, College of Engineering, YunTech
Service Excellence Award 2012/2013, College of Engineering, YunTech
Teaching Excellence Award 2011/2012, College of Engineering, YunTech
Service Excellence Award 2008/2009, College of Engineering, YunTech
Peer Reviewer for Seismic Evaluation and Retrofitting Project of School Buildings
Disaster Prevention and Protection Experts Consultation Committee of Yunlin County
2018, Yue-Xuan Lin, Study of Influence of Plane Geometry and Boundary Conditions on Dynamic Characteristics of Buildings via Ambient Vibration Test
2016, Siang-Yu Wang, Modal Identification of Typical and Atypical School Buildings during Retrofitting
2016, You-Cheng Luo, Modal Identification of Various Types of Structures Using Frequency Domain Decomposition
2014, Jia-Hao Song, Determination of Cable Forces of a Suspension Bridge Based on Ambient Vibration Signals
2013, Hua-Han Hung, Effect Evaluation of Retrofit Techniques on Stiffness of School Buildings with Ambient Vibration Measurements
2012, Hsiu-Hsien Wang, Modal Identification of School Buildings Before and After Retrofit
2011, Yi-Hung Liu, Fatigue Life and Parameter Study of Wedge-Type Anchors for Prestressing Tendons
2010, Jian-Zhi Hong, Fatigue Test and Stress Analysis of Wedge-Type Anchors for Prestressing Tendons
2010, Bo-Wen Chen, Development of Inspection and Assessment Assistant System of Bridges Using PDA
2010, Tian-Le Chen, Ambient Vibration Measurement of Stay Cables with Wireless Sensor Network
2009, Liang-Wei Syu, Optimization and Analysis of Prestressing Anchorage
2009, Zhen-Ya Yu, Development of Post-Earthquake Investigation Assistant System of Buildings Using PDA
2007, Wen-Szu Huang, The Study of Strengthening Disaster Prevention and Rescue Operations in Chiayi City by Applying TELES
2006, Yan-Ting Ye, The Study of Using Taiwan Earthquake Loss Estimation System to Enhance the Ability of Yunlin County for Preventing and Rescuing Earthquake Disasters
2005, His-Ching Chen, Verification Study on Current Preliminary Seismic Evaluation Methods Using the Earthquake-Damaged School Buildings in the Nantou County
2004, Jun Cao, Study of Kao Ping Hsi Cable-Stayed Bridge Health Monitoring from Changes in Modal Parameters
2004, Yao-Wen Change, The Establishment of Deterioration Evaluation System for Kao Ping Hsi Cable-Stayed Bridge
2003, Ming-Chia Hsu, Cable-Stayed Bridge Retrofit Using Seismic Isolation System
2002, Sheng-Ping Chang, Distributed Computation Applied to Structural Response Time-History Analysis
2002, Chih-Wei Hsieh, An Iterative Scheme of Distributed Finite-Element Analysis with MPI
2002, Chia-Lin Chu, Distributed Finite-Element Computation Using Message Passing Interface - MPI
2001, Kuo-Hao Change, Distributed Matrix Computations Applied to Structural Mode Analysis.
2000, Shuang-Shih Fan, A Study on Parallel Computation of Structural Modal Sensitivity Analysis
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