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About us

Exchange with Foreign schools or Organizations

  1. Faculty members are invited to lecture abroad for international academic exchange and research collaboration. We are actively expanding international exchange channels, inviting foreign scholars to visit us to give lectures, review degree theses, and become exchange professors.
  2. The Master's program offers English language courses, promotes the dual study system of various countries, recruits outstanding international students to study for master's and doctoral degrees. In addition, the department promotes substantive international exchanges, strengthens international cultural connotations of faculty and students, and invites foreign experts and scholars to give lectures or conduct research in the department.
  3. The curriculum is designed to consider the needs of industry and build students' capacity to apply their knowledge to engineering practice. In addition to the actual participation in the topic, the department also plans to provide practical industrial internship opportunities for students during semesters or summers. Furthermore, the department sends students on exchange to sister schools in different countries. Students from other countries also come to the department for short-term exchange studies.
  4. The Master's programs are divided into structural engineering (including construction materials), geotechnical engineering, and construction management majors. In addition to Chinese language courses, the Institute also offers complete English language courses for international students. Several international students from Southeast Asia are currently enrolled. Some have previously returned to their home countries to begin their teaching careers at universities after receiving their Master's degrees.